Consulting Partners

Surface insights to improve employee engagement.


Access all of your clients from Hirebook

Use our client portal to see which clients signed up for the service, how much commission they generated, access their accounts and help your clients with better employee engagement.


Hirebook helps your clients with improved employee engagement.

Hirebook enables your client's success through effectively translating their strategy into action. Through proprietary tools, we ensure 100% of the organization is engaged in OKRs from day one. Hirebook makes their journey to full OKRs easy, inexpensive and fast. Once there, Hirebook drives performance through better meetings, follow-up and performance management.

You can grow your client base, strengthen your relationship and enjoy longer business support with all your clients. In addition to all this, we offer you commission on your clients use of Hirebook for as long as your client uses it and is supported!


Attractive Commission

Benefit from our attractive commission payments based on your customers' satisfaction.


Priority Partner Support

Serve your customers more efficiently with Priority Partner Support.


Dedicated Marketing Support

Get resources to help you market your services more effectively.


Free Training

Get Dedicated Expert Trainers onboard to train your customers.

Hirebook helps your clients to improve strategic goal setting.

Provide consulting services to your clients for OKR set up and management all supported by the leading OKR and Employee Engagement software on the market.

We work with your customers existing software