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An OKR tool that allows every employee to see the impact of their work

By automatically converting daily activities into key results and visualizing progress with cascading OKRs.

Get the information you need through assessments

KRs don’t always tell you the whole story. OKR assessments allow your teams to give critical insights into their OKR progress - before you have to ask.


Focus on Outcomes

Quickly add follow-ups to your 1-on-1 smart agendas to celebrate progress or push projects that are at risk. Performance management has never been so easy!

Real-time Performance Dashboard

Understand company-wide progress at a glance with access to real-time dashboards, metrics and OKR tracking. Schedule recurring reports to be delivered to your email or mobile.


Align your Global Teams

Oversee project development and OKR management regardless of the location and ensure continued focus across the company, wherever your employees are.

Establish autonomous & high-achieving remote teams

Develop super-focused and empowered employees to reach the top goals of your organization

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