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Hirebook's Data Sub-Processor List

Use of Sub-processors

Hirebook Technologies inc. uses sub-processors to assist in the provision of Hirebook's services. This page provides information about the identity and role of each sub-processor used by Hirebook. 

What is a Sub-processor

A sub-processor is a third-party data processor engaged by Hirebook, including entities within the Hirebook Group, who may have access to, or process Personal or Service Data.

Security Measures 

Hirebook requires its sub-processors to satisfy equivalent obligations to those required from Hirebook (as Your data processor) in Hirebook's SaaS Agreement, including:

  • Processing Personal and Service data in accordance with the data controller's (i.e. Subscriber's) documented instructions.
  • Ensuring personnel engaged in sub-processing activities are reliable and subject to a contractually binding obligation to maintain data privacy and security.
  • Implementing and maintaining reasonable technical and organizational safeguards. This may include provision of annual certification that evidences compliance with this obligation, or in the absence of a certification, Hirebook reserves the right to audit the sub-processor.
  • Informing Hirebook of any actual or potential security breach in a timely manner; and
  • Cooperating with Hirebook with requests from data controllers, data subjects, or data protection authorities, as applicable.

Hirebook's Sub-processors

Entity Name Entity Type Entity Country

Google, Inc.

Hosting, Authentication, Database Hosting, Analytics

United States

Microsoft, Inc.


United States

Stripe, Inc.


United States

Segment, Inc.


United States

Mixpanel, Inc.


United States

Fullstory, Inc.

Customer Support

United States

HubSpot, Inc.

CRM, Customer Success

United States

Planhat, Inc.

Customer Success


Slack, Inc.

Feature Integration (notifications and check-ins)

United States

SendGrid, Inc.

SMTP Provider

United States