Create a Shared Space

Create a Shared Space

Collaborate on agendas to focus on employee progress, development and coaching. Allow employees to feel heard by adding additional coaching and progress notes on their check-ins.

Create Clear Expectations

Make meetings more effective by recording feedback directly in Hirebook to have a consistent record of weekly progress. Quickly align on future topics by reviewing past notes and feedback.

Create Clear Expectations

Stay Up To Date

Keep track of one-on-ones and development conversations with your team dashboard to add feedback or view upcoming meetings.

Stay Organized

Schedule recurring meetings directly from Hirebook to maintain a consistent meeting cadence and push your team’s progress forward.


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Give your people superpowers with Hirebook.

Give your people superpowers with Hirebook.

Empower every employee in your organization to have sight of your strategic goals, transformed into front line activities they can influence.

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