Easy-to-use OKRs

Setting up a company or team goal has never been easier. Streamline goal communication and visualize progress among teams. 

Inspire Transparency

Foster a culture of transparency by sharing OKRs and successes across the company. Allow everyone to see the impact of their work.


Focus on Outcomes

Ground meetings in results and accountability while focusing on achievements to keep driving growth. Quickly review progress to celebrate wins or push at-risk projects.

Understand Performance in Real Time

Understand company-wide progress at a glance with access to real-time dashboards and metrics. Schedule recurring reports to be delivered to your email or mobile.


Align Globally

Oversee project development regardless of
location. Ensure continuous focus across the
company, wherever your employees may be.


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Give your people superpowers with Hirebook OKRs.

Give your people superpowers with Hirebook OKRs

Empower every employee in your organization to have sight of your strategic goals, transformed into front line activities they can influence.

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