Understand How Your Team is Feeling

Every check-in starts with a simple question: How are you feeling? Dig deeper with meaningful dialogue within your team to truly connect and solve the real problems.

Ask the Right Questions

Customize your check-ins from an organization, team, or employee level to stay up to date on progress. Identify potential productivity blockers in order to support your team in whatever they need.


Public or Private Updates

Match your updates to your company culture. Promote open communication by sharing progress across the entire company, or encourage more focused discussions by sharing with direct managers.

Never Miss a Beat

Analyze sentiment, feedback, and follow-ups via your dashboard in order to identify the most important tasks and deadlines for your team.



Give all team members the ability to check in with you on the go. Transform what was once a chore into a welcome interaction that helps your team anywhere.


Want more information on check-ins?

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Give your team superpowers with Hirebook.

Give your team superpowers with Hirebook.

Empower every team member in your organization to have sight of your strategic goals, transformed into front line activities they can influence.

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